Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Foggy head.

I'm feeling quite sluggish today. Don't know why, really. Could be because I was out for a good chunk of yesterday, and when I came home I took the longest nap known to man. Which then meant I couldn't sleep last night. Which then meant I overslept this morning. And then I was gone almost all day today. And then I tried to take a nap, but my stupid body wouldn't let me. I think it's protesting and requiring that I sleep during NORMAL HOURS, please.

My desk is a pile of must-get-tos. But I don't wanna! I may go shopping at Costco instead. I need some real food in this house. I made a pork loin roast on Saturday that was as big as my couch...and have since been eating pork like it ain't nobody's business and I'm so sick of it. Plus I want to buy flannel sheets for my cold, COLD bed. And 10,000 peanut butter pumpkins, thanks to Liz.

I'm taking my car in tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. Don't worry, I've only driven it like 8 miles in the last two days. Hee, 8 miles. Lose yourself!

In the meeting with the big wigs yesterday? The one that may make my business yoo-ger and also make my wallet phat? I think a woman tooted. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure. She was sitting between me and someone else, and as I was talking she BOLTED up out of her chair and said, "Hold that thought! I have to (brraaap brippp brrriip) excuse myself for a second." Excuse yourself, indeed.

I'm thinking that since I a) didn't turn up my nose; b) stare in horror; c) scream "MY GOD!"; or sing "beans beans, the magical fruit"....I may just get this gig.

Toni cracked me up last night. She was calling me from her car, and she was in an area in which she frequently loses we counted down the seconds before I was to be hung up on...but we actually stayed connected. In delight she sang, "LOVE! Love will keep us together!..."

I don't know why? But I thought that was pretty damn funny.

Costco! Bottles of wine as big as my HOUSE!