Monday, October 25, 2004

Family makes you OLD.

Last night I had dinner at my Mom's, with almost my whole family in attendance. It was a night of fumbliness for me. I managed to break a wine glass, drop an entire enchilada in my nephew's lap, and say the 'f' word in my Mom's presence.

My nephews are killing me. They're teenagers now. I always hated when I was growing up and I'd see my Aunts and Uncles and they'd always make comments such as, "I remember when you crapped your diaper during your cousin's wedding and I had to change it and it stunk to high heaven! And NOW LOOK AT YOU!" Gee, thanks. But you know what? It's hard not to do similar things to my nephews. I mean, how did the time go by so fast? One day I'm burping them as babies, and the next I'm asking them kindly to stop burping "Hi Auntie" into my ear. And thinking that they need a shave. Good God.