Thursday, October 28, 2004


Today I was reading a post at Marcia's (MARCIA!??!) site Mixed Messages, called "On the Q.T.". In this post she talks about how people (in the post she uses the doctor's office, library and pharmacy employees as examples) tend to blurt out just about anything even remotely private about you for others to hear. These people? Drive me nuts.

It reminded me of an embarrassing story. One Christmas I had an ear infection, in which one of my ears was completely plugged. Which looking back now, may have been a blessing on that day. "Are you talking to me, Mom? Sorry, can't hear you!"

The day after Christmas I went to the doctor, who wrote a prescription for antibiotics. I took the prescription to the hospital's pharmacy, which was packed, due to the holiday. I waited and waited for mine to be filled, and my name to be called.

When it finally happened, the lady ringing me up asked me if I had ever taken this specific antibiotic before. No, I hadn't. She asked if I'd like to have the pharmacist review it with me, to let me know of any side effects, etc. I thought this sounded like a good idea, so I said sure.

Out comes the pharmacist, who acts like I just asked him to come out and explain to me why the sky is blue.

Him: (yelling) Youshoidfsdhfkhfskuofu FOR????!

Me: Pardon?

Him: (very thick asian accent) YOU EVAH USE THIS BEFORE!

Me: Um, no...

Him: (grabs bottle out of bag, holds it up to examine it). Houshgoishdiwhighe!!!!!

Me: I'm sorry?


(Lobby sounds come to a screeching halt. Cricket. Cricket.)

Me: Uh, I, uh, actually have an EAR infection?

Him: (slams bottle back in bag and practically throws it at me) OH YEAH, CLEAR THAT UP TOO!


I also can't stand people who talk loudly just for the benefit of others. Perfect example, last night at Costco. There was a dude in the check-out line next to mine YELLING to the poor check-out guy about how much he hates when Costco moves all their things around and how he can never find anything. He's looking around at all the other customers, as if he's standing up for each and everyone of us, and aren't we super grateful. Then he goes on and on about how he's THIS CLOSE to canceling his membership and heading over to Sam's Club.

When my brother and I were leaving? We saw the dude sitting at the outdoor food court enjoying a hot dog and a soda. Yeah dude, you HATE Costco. Thanks for taking one for the team.