Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Having a cold is the pits. "Really? That's news right there!"

I go from being really hot, to stripping off layers only to be freezing again, immediately.

I sounded like this on the phone this morning with a potential client I've been dying to have call me: "Hi-b, yed dis id Dauren, dank do DOH much fo calding be!"

And followed up with this..."Yed! I can create the best event using (BAHHHCOUGHHHHHCOUUUGHHHHH)...hod on da sec....(BAAAHHHCOOUUUGGHGHHHGHHH)!"

I've resorted to only e-mail and text messaging for today.

I go from having a ten minute window of pure solid energy to dead tired instantly.

Food either sounds gross or I want A LOT right this SECOND.

My attention span goes from following CNN intently to processing thoughts like, "Socks are warm."

Fortunately, Jon Stewart is still dead sexy even when I have a cold. He's thoughtful like that.