Tuesday, November 02, 2004

You know what day it is.

I seriously rocked the vote this morning. Snot and all. Oh yeah, I GAVE IT to the vote.

While out and about this morning I saw lots of people in high traffic areas waving signs for their favorite presidential candidate. While I love the enthusiasm, I'm wondering how effective they're going to be swaying someone this late in the game. "Well, I watched all the debates, did my extensive research, but you know...those dudes blocking the entrance to Taco Bell?...they made up my mind!"

Last night I was watching an old Dave Chapelle HBO special, which was taped around the time of the last election. He killed me when he came around to talking about how people are so private (mostly) about who they're voting for:

Smith: So I was fucking my wife in the ass the other night and...

Johnson: Hey wait a second, who are you voting for?

Smith: Johnson! How DARE you ask me such a question! That's so...so...private! Now let me get back to telling you about fucking my wife. Please!

Funny stuff.

I'm still sick. Not as bad, but I swear I have the Black Lung! Remember Ben Stiller in Zoolander? "I think I have the Black Lung, Dad. Ka-ka-ka."

It's like that, only non-sexy.