Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Fears for Tears

People have told me that I have a natural way of putting people at ease, and a "gift" for handling all types of personalities/situations with grace and that I seem to always know what to say.

Those people are liars.

While I usually save my ass from any sort of confrontation or uncomfortableness or tension with some sort of joke or a "hey you look NICE!", I honestly don't see where people think I have a talent or whatever for this.

Yes, I've smoothed over many a situation or a pissed off person, but mainly it's because I am a people-pleaser and can't stand to see anyone upset. And I'm pretty good at reading between the lines to see what the person REALLY wants or needs when they're upset.

But you know where I get LOST? When people CRY. Me, totally lost. I usually just cry with them while my stomach is in huge knots and I'm scrambling to think of something to make the them STOP.

I met a client for coffee this morning, and I knew she was already on shaky ground because she's going through a lot right now, but I had no idea she would cry. So when she did? I BURSTED OUT INTO TEARS WITH HER. Real professional.

I can't stand that feeling. When you really want to help, you want the perfect thing to say, and there's nothing. Nothing but blowing your nose into a Starbucks napkin.

My point? You need a good crying partner? CALL ME. 1-800-ME-CRY4U. Operators are standing by.