Monday, November 07, 2005

With this swan, I thee wed.

My friend Becky got married not too long ago. She's the only Becky I know, so she has to put up with me exclaiming, ", Becky...look at her butt!" everytime we're in a crowd. Fortuntely, she still laughs and doesn't rip my tonsils out.

Last week I got her thank you note for the gift I gave her (them!) and I about died. First? I was perplexed. She was thanking me for a GLASS SWAN. A glass swan which I did not give. I gave her towels! Off her registery! Pretty, fluffy towels!

Turns out my card fell off my gift (always tape! DUCT TAPE!), and someone who transferred her gifts must have just shoved any old card next to the GLASS SWAN gift.

Becky thought I had really lost it, and was too NICE to do anything other than write the most thoughtful, sweet, sincere thank you note in the history of all thank you notes. All the while wondering what had possessed me to give her the gift of SWAN.