Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Don't look at me. TURN AROUND.

I'm what you would call...crabby.

My holidays sucked, thanks to being sick during them AND STILL SICK WHAT THE FUCK.

I'm way behind on so many terribly important things. Like, putting away my holiday shit because my fucking God I'm sick of looking at it all.

I'm ignoring people because I feel horrible and I don't want to hear about their jolly holidays. JOLLY THIS, as I chuck a bottle of antibiotics to their heads.

I wanted things to be different. I started the season off with a bang, and ended in a thud and I'm bushed. And I'm tired of being bushed. Energy, I need you.

Crabby, crabby, crabby.

Seriously, I just yelled into a pillow.

But you know what sorta made me smile today? The lovely stylings of this lovely blog writer. She's hilarious and adorable and I'm promptly putting her in the pocket of my beat-up cardigan sweater over the nighty I put on last night and never got out of because taking a shower and moving takes energy and screw that.

P.S.: I couldn't remember my blogger password and when I got all pissed off and wrote a semi-explisitive in the password-asking-box, it worked! Even in passwords, I'm an a-hole.